Roadtrip to the west


I had almost forgotten what it was, Vacations. In recent years for me, the ideal vacation had become very simple. The idea of a day off was enough for me. Nothing to do, no one to see, a good book, and feel the time pass by.

So, at the last minute, I joined two of my girlfriends on a trip I had always dreamt of, a road trip to the American West. In short, it was organized in two stages, and a few weeks later, we packed our bags.

To begin we had to plan our itinerary, find and book the hotels and of course figure out what car to rent a part i was unable to bring any contribution to! Did you know I don't drive? At all? And you read road trip? I really felt bad about that. Rodya, bless her did all the driving. Well, I tried to be the best travelling companion i could be.

The American West is really incredible. From the breathtaking views of the grand canyon, the thrilling hikes in national parks and sweeping views of monument valley or horseshoe bend. Did I mention the locals who were amazing and welcoming, giving tips and tricks like our B&B host who showed us a hidden path to get to the grand canyon away from tourist making our experience even more exceptional it was just us and the canyon! wish we had more time but 10 days was enough to explore some main sites and local scenery, plus poor Rodya had done enough driving. So, if you're lucky enough to travel west, do it!